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HeartStrings is a group of friends who love learning, playing and sharing music. The group began in 2008 and has grown to include a variety of delightful personalities and musical instruments. HeartStrings enjoys “exploring” a wide variety of music and can play selections from religious, seasonal, folk, classical, historic, patriotic, country and contemporary genre. Current members are Joyce Beard, Nadine Cantrell, Carolyn Dent, Van Gardner, Macy Gardner, Karen Griffin, Richard Griffin, Nora Hooper, Carolyn Marlett, Tom Messer, Darla St John, Jerry St John, Shirley Stack and Adison Smith.  

The group meets from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. each Thursday morning. The time is usually divided between playing for fun and learning new music. The HeartStrings consists of instruments that are purely acoustic and currently includes mountain dulcimers, baritone dulcimer, guitars, strum-stick, spoons, dulci-banjo, mandolin, cajon drum, harmonica, upright bass and Irish whistle…. with interest in adding fiddle and other acoustic instruments. 

Every month …and sometimes twice a month… any of the group who is available, plays at nursing homes. Everyone agrees that this is a gift to themselves, since the players receive a great blessing from this opportunity. 

The group has performed for many functions: church, Bridgeport’s sidewalk events, the local hospital’s annual open house, the Wise County Retired Teachers’ Association, Veterans Day, Celtic Music Event, Little Branson Gospel Show, Bridgeport Museum, Lions’ Club, Wise Republicans, Civic Club and others. The HeartStrings welcomes opportunities to play. Just call and invite the group and they will try to make it happen!  

Playing with the group is FUN… It is a lot of laughing, learning, sharing and friendship that just continues to grow and grow.

Carolyn Marlett leads the group and also teaches private and small group beginning Mountain Dulcimer classes. 
The dulcimer is an easy, intoxicating instrument to learn to play and you do not necessarily have to know how to read music. If you are interested in learning to play the Mountain Dulcimer or scheduling the HeartStrings to perform…or if you already play an instrument and would be interested in playing with the group, please contact Carolyn. 940-393-3493 2lakeoaks@gmail.com 

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